The Post Brewing Co | fried up

You may be wondering why I would post about a brewery. Breweries used to be one of my favorite pastimes, especially since they are all over Denver.  Now they are just good times in my past.

However, when searching for a brunch place on Sunday, The Post Brewing Co came up as an option. I figured that they would have salads and plenty of ice cold water. When speaking with our waitress, she informed me that their signature fried chicken was gluten free. After the initial shock of those words, I grilled her with questions. I think I was still in shock that I didn’t even remember what type of gf flour they use. She also said they have a dedicated fryer for the chicken. Oh yeah, and the gravy is gluten free too. What is this place!?

Now, in my gluten days, I had never been a huge fried chicken fan. But since this is such a rare find at a restaurant, I had to try it. And it was DELICIOUS! The skin had the right amount of crispness and the chicken was cooked to perfection.


I still got a salad (minus croutons and bleu cheese crumbles) on the side since the healthy eating part is still important. If they had mashed potatoes on the brunch menu I probably would have caved and tried those also.

On top of their highly gluten friendly menu, they have a full bar, which is rare for a brewery. Fried Chicken. Gravy. Wine. Now that is brunch!

If you are up in Lafayette, CO, stop by The Post. Believe me, it’s worth the drive for a safe, gluten free, fried chicken craving.



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