Blue Pan Pizza | sliced up

Last night was the inaugural Gluten Free Pizza Club outing! It was so much fun with our small but mighty group!

Blue Pan Pizza in the Highlands was the lucky choice, and I have to say the bar is set pretty high for our next stops. Detroit style is their specialty, but they also do Italian, Chicago, and New York styles. They use a different flour for each type of pizza, and I love that they listed the flour and where it came from on the menu.

The space was smaller inside than I expected, so be prepared to possibly wait. We were lucky to get the last open table, but it would have been well worth a wait.

Let start with the important gluten-free stuff. They use Wild Flour Gluten Free Baking Co for the crust and have a dedicated electric oven for only gluten free pizzas. I failed to ask about the prep area, however, I believe it’s celiac safe.

The pizzas were amazing. Best gluten free pizza in Denver I have had to date. Or anywhere for that matter. Seriously.

We went on a Monday, so we HAD to get four pizzas (see 2-1 below). Here are the pizzas, rankings, and notes from our group – don’t mind the nicknames. We all had a hard time deciding on our favorite:


BROOKLYN BRIDGE – 1st PLACE INTERNATIONAL PIZZA CHALLENGE 2014 (TRADITIONAL DIVISION) Mozzarella and Brick Cheeses / Pizza Sauce / Creamy NY Ricotta / Natural Casing Pepperoni / Italian Sausage / Chopped Garlic / Sicilian Oregano / Pecorino Romano Cheese

Bread Lover: #2 – Good, solid, classic pizza.
No Mush: #4 – Average pizza, great flavor
Crust Enforcement Officer: #2 – Traditional, but delish! Much better than your typical pepperoni & sausage.



SOUTHWESTERN BBQ CHICKEN – Spicy BBQ sauce / Caramelized Onions / Grilled Chicken / Applewood Smoked Bacon / Chopped Cilantro

BL: #3 – A little spice to it.
NM: #2 – Super flavorful & hearty.
CEO: #1 – Great flavor – BBQ sauce is amazing.



SWEETY PIE – Fresh Pineapple Rings / Pancetta / Jalapeño / Ricotta Cheese / Creamy NY Ricotta

BL: #4
NM: #1 – Love the mix of sweet & spicy.
CEO: #3 – Like all the flavors but ingredients need to be spread out more so you get a bit in every bite.



KOTO (VEGGIE) – Creamy Artichoke & Spinach Sauce / Roasted Garlic Cloves / Sun-dried and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes / Artichoke Hearts / (No pizza sauce on this pizza)

BL: #1 – Like spinach & artichoke dip on garlic bread.
NM: #3 – Very Italian, different & flavorful.
CEO: #4 – Too bread-y, but never been a fan of lots of bread.


Other important stuff (not sure I want to tell you as it’s my new local hidden gem!):

Mondays: 2-1 Detroit Style Pizza’s – including gluten free!  Amazing!
Tuesdays: 50% off all bottles of wine (and $12 craft pitchers for your glutenous friends)

Next Up: Can we just go back to Blue Pan?




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