Brik on York | sliced up

I’m a sucker for all of Denver’s unique neighborhoods, including City Park. Located within a brick building of course, Brik on York has a great ambiance for live music, wine on tap and a variety of pizza options, making it the perfect place for a pizza club night out. After our previous pizza nights, the bar was set high. Unfortunately, Brik on York didn’t quite reach that bar, but they did made it close.

The service was great! Our server was very friendly and img_0242helpful in choosing the right pizzas. Our top choice was the Hawaiian Connection, however they were out of pineapples. Who runs out of pineapples!? Next time I’ll go to 7-11 down the street to pick up a can!

We ordered three gluten free pizzas at first for 6 people and ended up ordering one more since we were all still hungry. The crust (Udi’s) was thin and most of us liked it. Bread Lover did not. He thought it tasted like sorry cardboard. He loses a point for knowing what that tastes like.

So while the crust was good and crispy (forget what BL says), there was a lack of sauce and toppings. The toppings and sauce that were on there were good, it just needed more substance to it.

Brik’s pizzas in general cost around $16-18, so with a gluten free crust up charge of $4 (standard around Denver), the $20-22 pizzas are not worth the toppings and amount it feeds.

Alas, let’s get to the favors. Here are the pizzas and rankings:


Carne Copia – bianco rustic crush tomato sauce, mozzarella, Tender Belly bacon, capicola, Italian sausage, prosciutto, pecorino, oregano

No Mush: #2 – Very traditional with good flavor and the right amount of tomato sauce and cheese.
Bread Lover: #1 – Meat-a-licious!
Fat Pants & Berly: #1 – Good mix of meat and cheese.
Anti-Spice: #1 – Good amount of sauce and meats.
CEO: #1 – The heartiest pizza we had here. Lots of flavor!



Diablo – Calabrian chiles, bianco rustic crush tomato sauce, mozzarella, capicola, Tender Belly bacon, creme fraiche

No Mush: #1 – Spicy and flavorful.
Bread Lover: #2 – Loved the spiciness and the crust!
Fat Pants & Berly: #2 – A good level of spicy and good flavor.
Anti-Spice: #3 – A little too spicy, but flavorful.
CEO: #2 – Had a good kick and flavor to it. Would have a hard time deciding between the Carne Copia and Diablo on my next visit.



Pesto Zombie – pesto, chicken, garlic, roasted yellow tomato, artichoke hearts, kalamata olive, garlic oil

No Mush: #3 – Lots of pesto, but the other ingredients were really spread out – I had a slice with hardly anything on it.
Bread Lover: #3 – Was good, but not very flavorful.
Fat Pants & Berly: #3/4 – Lacking toppings and not very filling.
Anti-Spice: #2 – Liked the artichokes, but not enough substance.
CEO: I like the pesto idea, but agree with everyone else that it needed more toppings.



Burrata Rocket – olive oil, burrata, arugula, prosciutto, garlic butter, balsamic drizzle

No Mush: #4 – Literally just lettuce and a crispy crust. Needs more balsamic dressing or some other sauce. Refreshing if you are going for something light.
Bread Lover: #4 – Not enough prosciutto and other ingredients besides arugula.
Fat Pants & Berly: #4 – Crust was a bit dry – overall, not a fan.
Anti-Spice: #4 – It was a salad on a cracker.
CEO: #4 – The best looking one, but basically a salad with not much flavor. The burrata was good, but wish it was over more of the pizza.
The consensus was that most of the flavors were underwhelming and the ingredients were too spread out. Overall, we were a little disappointed in the gluten free pizza at Brik on York. Granted, gluten free pizza is not their specialty. However, one club member has had their regular crust pizza before and LOVED it. It’s thicker and more filling.

We have to give them credit for their wine on tap! The Sauvignon Blanc was so refreshing and delicious!
I will go back for a glass of wine and the music, but not just to order a gluten free pizza.

P.S. No cork pic on this post due to the tapped wine. 🙂

Next Up: Mas Kaos with The Gluten Free Explorer



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