Denver Deep Dish | sliced up

IMG_9942I spent my college years in Chicago (a while ago), and since then, I frequently crave Chicago deep dish pizza. I didn’t have high hopes for a gluten-free option.

Thankfully, Denver Deep Dish offers gf crust options for all their specialty pizza’s, deep dish AND thin crust! And they were delicious! They make their regular crust in-house, and purchase the gf dough; however, it seems homemade since they roll out the dough in-house.

All ingredients and sauces are gluten-free, along with their wings. A bonus for us; they were kind enough to bring out gf cheesy bread. That was a treat!

They do not have a separate gluten free prep area, but were nice to accommodate us and took extra precautions to work in a clean area.

The nice thing about deep dish is that it’s baked (for 40 minutes!) in the pan and risk of cross-contamination in the oven is slim.

My favorite part of the Denver Deep Dish menu is their variety of pizzas. We picked one thin crust option, two deep dish options, and let the chef & waiter surprise us with another deep dish. Here are the results and comments from members of the club:


PEPPERONI, PINEAPPLE & JALAPENO DEEP DISH – pepperoni / pineapple / jalapeño / red sauce

This was the most traditional, red sauce option we had, but spiced up with the jalapeños and sweetened with pineapple. 4 of the 7 guests rated this their top choice. Fat Pants said the red sauce was amazing – most everyone agrees! This is probably the top one I will order next time I come in.



BUFFALO CHICKEN DEEP DISH – ranch / wing sauce / mild peppers / fresh herbs

Coming in second was the Buffalo Chicken. 4 of the 6 (one didn’t rate) ranked it at #2 and the other two rated it #1. It had a kick to it, but was still mild enough not to overpower the flavors. If their wings are anything close, I’m coming back to try them!



SPINACH SALAD THIN CRUST – white pizza / fresh spinach salad / goat cheese / balsamic glaze

The Spinach Salad Pizza was light and fresh. A great option for eating “healthy” pizza. No Mush and Pizza Cobra preferred the thin crust for the consistency.



ROYALE W/ CHEESE DEEP DISH – local seasoned ground beef / sautéed onions / chipotle ranch / zesty pickles

The Royale (or Cheeseburger as we called it) was the surprise from the kitchen and it was surprisingly good! A few guests opted out from trying after seeing pickles on top. You either love them or hate them. I personally think they are missing out. While The Royale was not ranked #1, it came in the middle of the pack. Pizza Cobra ranked it #2 and loved that it was so different and unexpected.
Amazing! Despite Bread Lover saying the bread was not the best, those of us that cannot have regular bread thought it was a gift from heaven! Bonus points to Denver Deep Dish for the gf cheese bread!


Overall, everyone was impressed with Denver Deep Dish. Their fresh, quality ingredients and flavorful sauces make them stand out. The crusts were delicious and crispy. We’ll be back! Probably on a Monday or Tuesday as it’s 1/2 priced bottles of wine. Cheers!

Next Up: Brik on York






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