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Chaos. Seems like life these days. So Mas Kaos had to be a place where the Gluten Free Pizza Club would fit right in! We went on a Tuesday and somehow managed to avoid ordering their Taco Tuesday promo. I have had their tacos before and they are delicious! Pizza with a side of tacos – do it!

But, we are the Gluten Free PIZZA Club, not taco club (although, that’s an idea!), so onto the gf pizza mission. It was great to have our friends from The Gluten Free Explorer (TGFE) joined us! They are the brains behind a handful of gluten free products, including the pizza crust used by Mas Kaos. Rumor has it Mas Kaos switched over to their pizza crust after TGFE took a top spot in a pizza competition!

In my humble opinion, I love The Gluten Free Explorer’s thin crust! It is thick and hearty enough, that, when cooked right, you have crispness on the bottom and enough filling in the middle. Yet it is still thin and does not overpower the toppings. Some crusts I’ve had are too thin and become a piece of charred paper. This crust is pretty popular around Denver as it is the gluten free crust choice for at least these restaurants listed below in the photo. They are also the providers of the gluten free garlic bread at Denver Deep Dish!


In addition to joining us, they partnered with Mas Kaos to waive all gluten free up charges for every guest that day! If you are gluten free, you know how exciting that is!

All pizzas at Mas Kaos are cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven. There is not a separate cooking or prep area, so keep that in mind depending how sensitive you are. The rest of their menu has plenty of other gluten free options as well (gluten free Mac + Cheese!).

But, about these pizzas…we picked a variety as usual. Victoria from TGFE customized a non-dairy pizza, however there was a mix-up in the kitchen as they put cheese on most pizzas automatically. They were nice enough to redo her’s with no dairy and she was nice enough to share the cheesy one with us. We’ll start there:


Custom Pizza – evoo with roasted garlic, mushroom mix, caramelized onions, spinach, applewood smoked bacon, goat cheese

Ranked (not everyone tried this one):
KrisB: #2
Anti-Spice: #2 – Loved the goat cheese
Dawson: 10/10 – It was an explosion with every flavor that worked very well.
Victoria: #1 – A very wonderful combo and great depth of flavors.  Garlic/olive oil sauce shines through and adds to complete a delicious bite.
CEO: #2 – A great combo of ingredients!



Hawaiian – tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, fresh pineapple, oven roasted pulled pork

KrisB: #1 – Can’t tell a difference between the gf crust and regular crust.
No Mush: #2 – Love the mix of pineapple + pork with the tomato sauce. Savory + sweet!
Fun Cooking Guy: #3 – Lovely pizza but the pineapple and sweet red sauce were a tad too sweet for me. Much more tame than the jalapeño.
Edible Antiques: #3 – Delicious but the pineapple needed to be caramelized.
Bread Lover: #3 – Classic Hawaiian pizza with a hunk of pulled pork. Excellent!
Anti-Spice: # – Delish. Could use more pineapple.
CEO: #1 – Great flavor. Mas Kaos’ signature pizza – for a reason!



Jalapeño Business – pesto, garlic, red onion, jalapeño, cream cheese, fresh diced tomatoes

KrisB: #4
No Mush: #3 – Very good, but lacked a lot of flavor. The pesto overpowered the taste of the tomatoes + jalapeños.
Fun Cooking Guy: #1 – Fantastic gluten free crust. The goat cheese and jalapeños made an opera in my mouth with the red onions rounding it out.
Edible Antiques: #1 – Needed to be hotter, but pesto had good flavor.
Bread Lover: #1 – Great blend of spicy and garlic with a unique pesto sauce.
Anti-Spice: # 3 – Also very tasty.
CEO: #4 – This is more of a tie for 3rd. All the pizzas were so good they were hard to rank!



Broccoli & Tater – evoo with roasted garlic (and extra garlic), white cheddar, broccoli, potatoes, crème fraiche

KrisB: #3
No Mush: #1 – Very flavorful. Potatoes + sour cream on a pizza was different but tasted great with the broccoli. Pleasant surprise!
Edible Antiques: #2 – Suspiciously deliciously. Must try again!
Bread Lover: #2 – Creamy goodness! Hearty and surprising pizza!
Anti-Spice: # 4 – Very good but liked the others better.
CEO: #3 – Very unique and the combo turned out great!

Overall, there was no bad pizza here! The crust was delicious and crispy; however, some of the edges were a little burnt. Put this place on your list. It’s a must try!

We have noted to be sure next time the wine bottles we get have a regular cork. 🙂

Up Next: Ernie’s Bar & Pizza



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  1. Lori May says:

    I realize Mas Kaos doesn’t have a separate prep area and they clearly state this on their menu. Today, I had a GF cheese pizza with italian sausage and I also tried a carnitas taco (all tacos were marked GF). I must have been glutened because 30 minutes later i had to find a bathroom, quick! Did any of your eaters experience any issues the night ya’ll at there? I brought the leftover pizza home and I will have for dinner to see if I experience any additional issues. Hopefully it was the taco because the pizza was pretty good.


    1. Thanks for the comment Lori! I’m so sorry to hear you had been glutened! Of our whole group, only 3 of us were celiacs or have a severe intolerance, and I didn’t hear that anyone had issues. I was fine as well, however I don’t think I’m as sensitive as some people are.

      How did your leftovers treat you?

      I agree, very good pizza and tacos. Going out is always a risk, especially when you know it does not have the separate prep area. :/

      I hope you are feeling better now! Thank you for the feedback!


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